Individual Coaching

Coaching is about directing your life, it provides clarity and certainty about where you are and how to proceed successfully and effectively forward. Coaching assists in defining goals and themes on which to focus your energies for the purpose of success, and greater self-awareness. Coaching enhances personal performance. The agenda for Coaching is set by you and you remain in charge of the process. The role of the Coach is to facilitate positive change by guiding you through a structured process allowing you to experience meaningful paradigm shifts. Coaching is about unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance acknowledging all areas of life – career, money, health, family and friends, partner, personal growth, recreation and physical environment – all are interlinked, creating either balance or unbalance, depending on the sustainability of actions within each area.

Executive & Management Coaching

The transition from employee to manager is one that should not be under estimated from both the employers and the new managers perspective. We believe that this transition can be best managed by engaging in a Coaching relationship. Through the Coaching process the new manager is able to understand their strengths and weaknesses and is assisted with adopting strategies and processes to overcome any weak areas and enhance their strengths. The Coaching process is focused on assisting the manager to understand what their new people management role requires, and most especially how to develop and lead their team successfully.

Team Coaching

Organisations of all sizes face the following challenges:

  • Lack of commitment due to heavy focus on compliance
  • Require a fundamental shift in thinking
  • Ineffective Teams
  • Substandard Management practices
  • Poor communication
  • Lack of direction and a shared common goal that all team members have bought into
  • Lack of urgency due to low personal investment
  • FTE reductions resulting in employees having to do more with less

We believe that solutions to these challenges lie in Coaching teams to high performance. We view the Coaching process as an extension of traditional change management practices. In that Coaching is focused on building the teams commitment as opposed to enforcing compliance. Coaching Teams allows us the opportunity to engage with the team as a whole as well as each individual member in order to understand the dynamics at play, the challenges they face and the obstacles they perceive as hindering their performance. Team Coaching is applicable at every level within an organisation this is especially true for South Africa given the various socio-cultural dynamics at play within each organisation.