Leadership Development

At The Coaching House we know that a key differentiator for any organisation is its Leadership.  Leadership although formally assigned as a role to some within the organisation should rather be seen as a capability existing within all employees. Through the adoption of a comprehensive Leadership program, that addresses all levels of Leadership; your organisation will gain a competitive advantage, attract and retain higher levels of talent and, ultimately increase performance.

The Coaching House is able to assist you in all aspects of Leadership development from assessing current Leadership capabilities, diagnosing leadership requirements to support and deliver against the organisations strategic intent, and developing customized Leadership programs aimed at developing:

  • Leaders personal effectiveness,
  • Team leadership effectiveness,
  • Ability to lead an organisation.

Change Management

Organisational change is marked by changes to existing components of work and/or the role they play in producing a result.

In most cases these changes can be calculated and articulated in such a way that sufficient investigation and adjustment will result in the desired changes being realised.

Experience has taught us that the human component however is far more complex than the remaining components and therefore need specific attention. Rather than investigation change management employs engagement and instead of adjustment change management seeks to identify drivers for change.

At The Coaching House we strongly believe in the power of engagement and we are personally motivated to understand the dynamics within the culture of an organisation, a business unit, a department, a team and an individual – their interrelatedness and their independence. We believe it is this passion and perspective that has made our change teams successful in leading transitions.