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The Coaching House

Kerryn Kohl is the founder of The Coaching House – Talent Cultivation. Kerryn has a passion for Learning believing that it underlies any transformation or change that we wish to make. From this vantage point learning is seen as the not only the springboard to any culture Transformation but it’s foundational driving force.

Kerryn has been able to assist her clients with the development of Learning Strategies that speak to the heart of their organisation. She is able to assist them in addressing their current Training needs while weaving the fabric of their future Learning aspirations. With her roots firmly in learning Kerryn also feels that this is the best lens for organizations to see Change through. Believing that Change Management is in fact a Learning Activity and that when defined as such puts the right slant on Change activities making them that much more powerful in effecting organizational change.

In this light Coaching is seen as the most effective form of learning as it provides an individual the time and space necessary to dialogue, explore alternative ways of thinking and doing, for them to test and re-test beliefs and behaviours until they find the ones able to move them forward into their next phase of being.

Within an organizations learning chain Kerryn believes that Coaching is key to Transformation and should be used with varying degrees of intensity and intimacy related to the organizations structures. I.e. at Leadership level those that set the tone and the vision for the change, Coaching needs to be the most intense and intimate, meaning it truly challenges the individuals core beliefs. This is contrasted to an employee or end user level whereby Coaching would be very focused on changing the Observable behaviour making it perhaps as intense but on a group level and therefore less intimate.