Learning and Development

The Coaching House recognises that Learning is what allows an organisation to harness the ability and potential of its Leaders and employees and transform this into a sustainable, competent and contributive talent force.

The Coaching House offers a full spectrum of Learning and Development Services, from partnering with you to craft your learning strategies to developing and delivering learning solutions that not only increase your employees skill levels but that are truly transformational in nature. Our services include:

  • Learning Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Learning Design, Development and Delivery
  • Learning Management and Collaboration
  • Leadership Development

Learning Design, Development and Delivery

The Coaching House offers a competitive service when it comes to Learning Design, Development and Delivery. We are able to customise learning programs to your specific needs while ensuring that the content remains rooted in industry best practice and references the latest thinking and research in its field. The Coaching House uses a basket of Blended Learning Methodologies. We partner with our clients to understand and assess their “best Fit” methods for both the technologies they employ; the learning culture they ascribe to and of course the best fit method for the learners themselves. Some of the methods we use include:

  • E-learning
  • Facilitator led learning both classroom and virtual
  • Simulated learning
  • Coaching
  • On Line Help
  • Job Aids
  • Mobile Learning (M-Learning)
  • Social Learning and Collaboration

Learning Management and Collaboration

A key component for Managing Learning within an organisation is the administration thereof.  The Coaching House is able to provide SCORM compliant enabling technologies to assist our clients in managing and measuring their Learning.

We offer the following services with regards to Learning Management:

  • Set up of a Learner management System
  • Progress tracking
  • Scheduling of Learners and facilitators
  • Management of course catalogues
  • Delivery of e-courseware and e- assessments

With regards to Collaboration, The Coaching house promotes the use of collaborative learning whereby we harness the power of informal learning opportunities, present in our normal day to day activities, by “injecting” formal learning content into these opportunities.

Further we will assist you in developing collaboration strategies that accelerate the speed at which employees develop competence and share or transfer their knowledge.